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EECS Network Border Malfunctioning, 2/15/18

We are currently experiencing an issue at the EECS network border which is causing intermittent outages. The connection affected is between EECS and the outside world.

This means that communication within the EECS network should be unaffected, and connectivity to campus or the Internet is intermittently unavailable.

Impact to the research computing cluster in Soda Hall is currently undetermined.

Network staff are coming onsite to better diagnose the issue, and an update will be posted here when we have more detail or an ETA.

Update 11:54 AM:

We are troubleshooting an issue where OSPF control traffic is intermittently dropped between our core and edge router, causing all data traffic to stop.

Traffic is affected between:

  • EECS network and campus/Internet
  • EECS network and Soda research compute network

Traffic is not affected:

  • within the EECS network
  • between Soda research compute and campus/Internet

Network Border Temporarily Disabled 2/15/18

Derek Calderon at 12:31 p.m. Feb 15, 2018

We are temporarily disabling network uplinks to the outside world in order to troubleshoot without impacting network security.

We need to determine whether the network firewall is implicated in this issue before engaging vendor support. In order to do this without making the network vulnerable from a security perspective, we must disable the links to campus and the Internet while this work is performed.

During this time no traffic will be able to enter or leave the department. We expect this will last for up to 30 minutes.

Aug 2, 2017: Campus losing power, IRIS services shutting down

News/ Campus losing power, IRIS services shutting down


PUBLISHED 2:59 P.M. AUG 02, 2017

Began 2:56 p.m. Aug 02, 2017

Due to a fire threatening our transformers, PG&E has advised campus we will be losing power.

IRIS is taking proactive steps to shut down as much equipment safely before we totally lose power.

See for the warning from UCPD.