This is the externally hosted EECS/IRIS Systems Status blog, which is intended to complement our internal IRIS News app found at https://iris.eecs.berkeley.edu.  For additional information about large-scale outages that affect all campus, see the UCB Systems Status website.

While the majority of service updates will be posted to IRIS News (which also has the capability to send out notices to various e-mail distribution lists), large-scale maintenance and outage updates will be posted here. This blog is hosted on the WPEngine hosted service platform, which gives us the ability to post updates even when EECS’ internal infrastructure is down or severely affected by a scheduled or unscheduled outage.

Before any scheduled outage which will affect IRIS News, we will be sure to post and send out a link to this site to help the community stay informed about the current status of EECS services. In the event of unscheduled outages, we may not have the opportunity to update IRIS News, so it would be a good idea to bookmark this site as well.