IT and Electrical Maintenance Shutdown, Fri. 6/15 11PM – Sat. 6/16 9PM

On Saturday, June 16th, the campus high voltage team will be cutting power to Soda, Jacobs, Etcheverry, and North Gate Halls to complete critical power grid maintenance. The electrical shutdown is currently scheduled for 8AM to 1PM and these buildings will be closed during this time to all but critical staff related to the maintenance projects.

We are also taking this time to perform safety tests in our server and network rooms, as well as replacing the failed battery backup system in our primary server room. As a result, the outage window for most IT services (other than basic network connectivity) is 11PM 6/15 – 9PM 6/16.

Anybody with computers and electronics in Soda and Jacobs is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to power off their noncritical systems when leaving the office on Friday, June 15. Critical systems MUST be powered off by 6AM on Saturday the 16th. This includes machines hosted in the 340 Soda server room, and a separate message will be sent to those system administrators next week.

As most of EECS’ IT infrastructure is hosted in Soda Hall, this will have some impacts which are detailed below. This will affect all EECS locations which are not undergoing electrical maintenance: Cory, Sutardja Dai and Blum Halls, the Calvin Lab, and BWRC as well as remote users.

  • Network infrastructure (wired and wireless connections, including DHCP and DNS services) will be offline for a brief period between 6:00 and 6:30 AM in order to perform annual Emergency Power Off and Fire Alarm tests in our network core. Basic networking will be restored by 6:30 and should remain up for the remainder of the day for all locations outside of Soda and Jacobs Hall.
  • The IRIS website and portions of the department website including personal homepages, as well as other IRIS services that depend on file storage, will be shut down starting at 11PM Fri. 6/15
  • Storage services, including home and project file storage, will be shut down at 12 AM Sat. 6/16
  • All services are scheduled to be restored by 9PM, but may be online earlier if maintenance is completed ahead of schedule.

As the IRIS website will be unavailable during this maintenance, will be available for in-the-moment status updates.

Please contact with any questions or concerns.