Soda Hall Power Shutdown, Wed. 11/29 2AM

Originally Published 1:09 p.m. Nov 22, 2017
Services Affected Wired Networking and Wireless Networking Begins 2:00 a.m. Nov 29, 2017

There will be a power shutdown for Soda Hall on the early morning of Wednesday, November 29th, scheduled for 2 to 6 AM. The shutdown and short notice are due to an urgent need for the campus high voltage team to complete repairs from line damage in June. It is also possible that the outage could be extended if difficult circumstances are encountered.

We have arranged with campus facilities to receive generator power for 288 and 290 Soda so that we can continue to provide IT services to the outside world while Soda is dark. As such, no interruptions to IRIS services outside Soda Hall are expected at this time. However, due to many electrical load variables it is possible that we may need to shut down some services without notice during the maintenance window.

Power to research server rooms 420A and 287 will be lost and the sysadmins of those rooms are coordinating a full system shutdown.

For sysadmins of machines in 340 Soda, you will also need to shut down your machines. We recommend doing so before midnight.